Wednesday, December 16, 2015

RECYCLING RELIGION Show • American Photographer Mark Fisher • White Box Gallery


 • American Photographer Mark Fisher • 

White Box Gallery

Captured Through The Glass Window

Exhibition In New York

Works Of Interesting Concept

December 13 – January 17, 2016

The Show examines the role of religion in Russia

 and Eastern Europe since the collapse of the Soviet empire.

Press contact :

Pussy Riot, Oleg Kulik, Dmitri Gutov, Iija Soskic,
Jelena Tomasevic, Recycle Group, Alexander Kosolapov, 
Duke Riley + Mac Premo, Federico Solmi, 
Robert Priseman, ANVIL Collective, Electroboutique,

Vladimir Kozin, Pavel Brat, Arsen Savadov

The programs of WhiteBox are made possible in part
 by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs 
and New York State Council for the Arts

329 Broome Street
(Between Bowery and Chrystie)
New York, NY 10002
PH: 212-714-2347


Just Be Creative™

 No Second Usage Without Permission

All Rights Reserved • Models,Actors, Actresses,Dancers,
 Musicians Used In The Web Posts Are Professionals
 and Require Fee For Any Publication or Usage. 
All Have Management. 
Removal Of The Image Or Blog May Violate U.S. Laws.

Photographer Mark Fisher™ Is 
A Well Accomplished Published Photographer 
In Beauty, Fashion, and Music Photography. 

New York City 
Based Image And Filmmaker
Has A Worldwide Following. 
Is A Member Of The Press. 

There Is Fan Page On Facebook. 

  Commissions Accepted Through Contract

• New York • • Paris • • Milan • • London • 

  Private Client Request Accepted. 


For More Info Contact 
Green Key Management 

New York, New York 

Thank You  

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